When it comes to customizing your car, there’s nothing quite like a set of Lambo doors. They add a unique look and style that can’t be matched by any other aftermarket product. Unfortunately, most Lambo door kits on the market today don’t offer the highest quality or the best fitment. That’s why Eikon Motorsports is committed to providing C8 Lambo door kits that are designed specifically for your car and use better materials to ensure a perfect fit.

The Problem With Most Lambo Door Kits

When it comes to lambo doors, many companies offer kits that simply do not fit your factory bolt pattern. This can lead to a frustrating and time-consuming installation process. Weld-on kits attach to unsupported sheet metal and often bend or come out of alignment. Even the Vertical Door brand kits are made from steel and have no real bearings, which can also cause them to fall out of alignment. On top of this, these Vertical Door brand kits tend to rust and squeak once they get a little moisture on them. That’s why Eikon Motorsports has worked hard to create a better quality lambo door kit that is designed specifically for your car. That’s why Eikon Motorsports has worked hard to create a better quality lambo door kit that is designed specifically for your car. 

The Benefits of a High-Quality Lambo Door Kit

When it comes to installing lambo doors on your car, the quality of the kit is of utmost importance. That’s why Eikon Motorsports designs their kits using only the highest quality aluminum and real sealed bearings, so you never have to worry about unwanted noise. The vertical alignment design ensures that you never have to adjust your doors and the kit bolts directly to your factory bolt locations using your factory bolts. Plus, with our special shock design and leverage angles, you can effortlessly lift and pull down your lambo door with just your pinky finger. With Eikon Motorsports, you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality lambo door kit that will last for years.

How Eikon Motorsports Is Making a Better Quality Lambo Door Kit

Eikon Motorsports is dedicated to providing the best quality Lambo door kits for cars of all kinds. To achieve this, Eikon Motorsports uses state-of-the-art laser-cut T-6 aluminum for their Lambo door kits. This allows for precise measurements and maximum strength and durability. 

Additionally, each kit features precision milled bearing housings for easy installation and specifically pressured shocks for ease of vertical assistance. Furthermore, Eikon Motorsports goes above and beyond in their design process by stress testing with real parts on real cars and using insane 3D model stress tests to ensure their Lambo door kits can handle anything they’re put up against. 

This dedication to quality ensures that Eikon Motorsports can offer a better Lambo door kit that fits any car, including the C8 Corvette. Their Lambo doors are built to last, making them the perfect addition to any vehicle. With Eikon Motorsports Lambo door kits, you can trust that your car will be stylish and safe!

Why You Should Choose Eikon Motorsports For Your Lambo Door Kit

At Eikon Motorsports, we understand how important it is for your Lambo door kit to be installed correctly and with high-quality materials. That’s why we’ve taken our two decades of experience in installing lambo door kits and addressed every complaint from our customers. This has enabled us to design our V1 series kits to eliminate all the flaws that were found in previous kits. Plus, we have more experience in installing lambo doors than any other shop combined, and we are the only company that offers a lifetime warranty on the kit, shocks, and installation. 

Our commitment to providing superior quality and service goes beyond just the products we provide. We are passionate about making sure that our customers get the best possible experience when they come to us. We get emotional about seeing the damage caused by inexperienced installers and using low-quality kits. That’s why we make sure that all of our technicians have years of experience and take extra time and care when it comes to installation. 

At Eikon Motorsports, we strive to give you the best quality Lambo door kit available, with professional installation and a lifetime warranty – so you can enjoy the thrill of having your lambo doors for years to come!

When you choose Eikon Motorsports for your lambo door kit, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality product and installation service. With our lifetime warranty on the kit, shocks, and installation, you never have to worry about paying for service or replacement shocks again. We understand how devastating it can be to see the damage caused by inexperienced installers and low-quality kits, and we are determined to provide superior-quality lambo door kits that stand the test of time. 

By choosing Eikon Motorsports for your lambo door kit, you can rest assured that you will get a quality product and installation that you can trust. With our superior craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, you will have the lambo doors of your dreams without ever having to worry about costly repairs or replacements.