Never had I imagined that so many years after creating the truly one-of-a-kind company that is Eikon Motorsports™ had I ever thought I would be writing about how we are rebuilding our reputation, but here it is.

It’s no secret that there are quite a few rumors about Eikon Motorsports currently. I wish I could say none are true, but I can’t. I can and will tell you the truth about what’s been going on, and you can match them to whatever you may have heard. One of the crazier ones we’ve heard is that we are not making our lambo door kit. With the release of the latest V1 update video, we have officially debunked that rumor.

The Split from vertical doors

In late 2021 we as a company decided to end that relationship between us and vertical doors. As to the specifics of what led to that decision, you will all be able to see that in a video coming soon where our COO, Jessica Evans, explains in detail about our ending. It’s going to for sure be a video your going to want to watch.

Let’s fast-forward to the after-effects.

As a result of our Split, the delays that vertical doors caused just got longer, and eventually, everything was canceled.

Moving forward, we decided to design our own kit and improve upon the weak areas that vertical door kits are plagued with. This process has been a massive undertaking. We have been met with many unforeseen delays and, initially, many delays due to supply chain issues. We made many changes along the way to perfect every aspect of our kits, dubbed ” V1 Series “. We are preparing for a release in April for our V1 Series C8 Corvette Lambo Door Kit. Shortly after its release, we will focus on quickly releasing a version of the C7 Corvette. We will eventually release kits for all the top/popular vehicles that we are asked about on a semi-regular basis. As seen in a previous post, our C8 kit is approaching.

We created a new site about a month ago and released that new place, only to change it again to the one you are currently reading this on. I apologize for the recent confusion and changes we are making as it may seem; we are all over the place. All our moves and changes are for a good reason and are being made to accommodate our growth and planned future releases of both products and services. 

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