New and improved in every way! It’s finally done! Available in 3 color editions. This is officially the only “true” vertical door kit for the c8 on the market.

We are working very hard on assembly and can’t wait to get out there and start installing more of our V1 Series lambo door kits for the C8 Corvette!

All the myths, rumors, or speculation should, at this point, be over! Yes, it took longer than expected, a lot longer! But we stayed silent, perfecting every aspect of this kit to truly make it DESTROY the competition with better quality material and design and features you will not find from the “other guys” product.

Coming out with an option between two kits for consumers to choose from was not our option! We wanted to release something truly devastating to the competitor’s product line. When you compare our kit to the only other c8 equipment on the market, “vertical doors inc,” one would think they should change their name to “Slightly angled doors inc.”

The night and day difference between the actual angle of our doors and their impressive stance with the car’s body. It was essential to us that our doors stay as tight to the body of the car as possible.

The Vertical Doors Inc product not only falls over 20 degrees shy of our doors angle, but they also extend out so far away from the body of the car, making the car look like it’s doing some weak “YMCA” song and dance, as you can see some comparison photos below.

C8 Corvette V1 Series Lambo Doors | Eikon Motorsports™
Vertical Doors Inc kit.
C8 Corvette V1 Series Lambo Doors | Eikon Motorsports™
Vertical Doors Inc Kit
C8 Corvette V1 Series Lambo Doors | Eikon Motorsports™
Vertical Doors Inc kit.

It is undeniable that there is one clear winner here when it comes to achieving a vertical door attempt here, and we’ll let you be the judge of that!

As seen in the videos above, there are so many more features to our V1 Series Lambo Door Kit.

This is just the beginning for us as we move forward with our kit’s release process and installation process all over the world!

You can achieve this when you dedicate time, money, and trial and error to a product with an expected outcome to excel at a specific job. The engineering that went into this product by our resident CEO Tim Court, an Embry Riddle graduate with an Aeronautical Engineering MS degree, was indeed a journey! Rigorous testing, thousands of simulations both in stress and fatigue, and not to mention all the bespoke one-offs machined to assemble certain parts of this kit is not only a testimate to his dedication to this company but also his passion for this industry.

While some may, and have said, it’s his dedication to seeking revenge for the years of anger and frustration we suffered from dealing with Vertical Doors Inc, he said to me while discussing this article, He has no ill will towards VDI and wishes them all a happy retirement. “NASA was a true pioneer in the space game, but Elon Musk perfected it. It didn’t take away from the great things NASA accomplished and created; it shows what losing innovation desires and excitement makes room for. Someone to come in a truly do it better.

I will admit, I myself sense a little animosity and anger there anytime im around him and someone brings up “the other guys” but I will assure you that he doesnt lose sleep over it and is very excited to start developing new kits for more vehicles.

I asked him for a list of planned upcoming kits; all he has said so far is C7, Tesla, Lamborghini, and Ferrari our on his shortlist. He also added that unlike “the other guys” we don’t plan to simply modify a previous kit to make it work for something else so all our upcoming kits will take some time so, please be patient with us during this exciting time in our company’s growth!