The 2020 Curse

Having done the second ever C8 in the world, and the first HTC in the world, we have a level of experience with the C8 that is unprecedented in our industry. Early on in the initial release of the car, we saw first hand some “behind the panel” changes GM made to certian clips, screws, and various door panels.

The worst of them all

Possibly the worst one is the flaw in how they attached the threading to the factory door hinge bolt locations. What started out in its initial release was a glue type material that help the threads in place. That changed into a spot welded method of attaching the threads to the inside plates. However, while some threads got upwards of 6 spot welds, some only received 2 and in some cases, only one! Come on GM!

This hasn’t been a HUGE issue for us but now that our V1 Series is out, and we have been removing many more Vertical Door Inc kits from peoples car, the weak threads mixed with lock tight are creating more and more snaps of threads. When this happens a very intricate surgery needs to be performed to properly repair and replace the snapped threading inside.

Below is a few photos of exactly that. We have to remove almost everything from the front to solve this issue. but, rest assured we’ve done this many times and everything came out perfect!

Above shows how much had to be disassembled in order to correct the issue. It’s not a fun process at all but it’s the only way to correctly fix the problem. Cutting corners is how worse problems start.

But, as you can see, the finish product is truly beautiful!

The V1 Series is the only kit that gives you truly vertical (straight up and down) doors.

The amount of space you have to get in and out over the competitions kit is truly night and day!

No hideous wires or bolts can be seen.