Sad Smear Campaign From Vertical Doors

Like most products released into the market, they generally all have a period where design and digital testing aren’t always exact. There are real-world forces, torques, angles, etc, that can’t be digitally duplicated or simply unknown.

The test market

When making our lambo door kit, we knew from our decades of experience in the industry we had to develop a truly unique product without all the complaints of the kits currently on the market.

We chose ten customers in Miami to install our V1 Series on to discover any potential weak areas and or components that could be improved. We also tested and ensured correct functionality along with the official real-world test run.

The flaws within

What was incredibly unbelievable is that not only did our kit and design perform better than anticipated but also expected. Our mission to achieve the highest raising, most effortless to raise, and lowest kit on the market was indeed a success! There were only three changes made to the design.

The ball that we used, as seen below

This ball was said to be indestructible by the manufacturer. Well, in the words of Maury Povich, ” That was a lie.”

We discovered that some of the ten were experiencing ball failure and immediately issued a production halt, as well as shut down pending installs and instructed those who had already received a kit to ship it back so we could make needed changes.

Here, you see what it looks like when the “indestructible” ball breaks. You can see the brass threaded insert, and when this happens, it allows the door to sway back and forth when raised. It also no longer prevents the door panel from contacting the A-pillar when raising and lowering.

We also discovered issues with using the factory hardware on a few of the ten cars, so we solved that, too!

Below is a photo of another change we were already planning on making. The bottom shock mount was cylindrical.

This was not a weak spot or failure component, and we wanted to change this due to the complications of attaching it to the kit. We have increased the radius and surface contact by 47%

The final modification

We had to improvise on the top shock adapter due to delays in machining, so this is another component that was already planned to be different at the time of the major release.

Now let us get to this product prototype journey’s sad and pathetic part.

While it was expected, planned, and anticipated during its initial beta release that we would have slight changes or modifications, we would have to change. Some of our less favorable fans couldn’t wait for this moment to use it to play dirty tactics once again to continue its efforts at hurting our reputation.

This was the initial post from a current employee of Vertical Doors Inc., Undoubtedly the pioneer of the aftermarket lambo door market. It’s also the brand of kits we once sold and installed worldwide. We have chosen the high road 10 out of 10 times when giving the accessible opportunities to release videos or other content of their customers sharing their distaste for their products or the few companies/people that have followed our footsteps in the past year or so that claim to come to you to install and end up messing up your cars, we decided not to post that out of respect to there business as well as staff.

We have concluded that our “competition” is either scared, jealous, or feels threatened by our newfound entrance into the Lambo door manufacturing realm.

Maybe it’s time to act like the villain so many honestly have attempted to make us seem like and start airing out all the industry’s dirty laundry, or hopefully, these smear campaigns and sad attempts will stop.

The updated and “final” kit rendition in this article is here.

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