Accufab The ultimate in Ford Mustang 5.0L Throttle Bodies.

Accufab offers a high performance 90mm V-Band throttle body for your 1986-1993 Ford 5.0L Mustang. Replace your restrictive stock throttle body with our top of the line unit and get your 5.0L the air it’s lacking.

Accufab’s V-Band throttle body version is designed to be used with a v-band instead of a hose clamp, v-band sold separately. This version features a full body stainless steel shaft, 3 position linkage arm, hard anodized black, with a threaded ball stud, o-ring groove on the back, plus, it’s sealed and air leak resistant up to 100 psi

IMPORTANT: Although not pictured, there is a provision to use the IAC on this throttle body.

Better Air Flow for More Power: This 90mm upgrade will improve your Mustangs throttle response and horsepower. It’s the perfect starting point for future modifications. In addition, spacers are offered as an option in combination with our throttle body.

Exceptional Quality: Accufab’s quality is second to none! This throttle body is CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and the exterior is polished to an eye-catching finish. The shafts are also CNC machined from stainless for durability and quality, with brass blades and the highest quality bushings, bearings and screws. Furthermore, the 90mm throttle body features a split shaft design which helps prevent the shaft from breaking under intense pressure. Manufactured in the USA.

Application: This Accufab 90mm throttle body is designed for use on a Ford 5.0L Mustang 1986-1993.

Technical Notes: Idle speed should only be set by adjusting the throttle position sensor. DO NOT adjust any screws on the throttle body. These screws are pre-set at Accufab.

Accessories Included: The throttle body o-ring and ball stud. No mounting hardware available.

An optional accessory is our TPSGM which easily bolts on to the throttle body and allows the use of a late model GM style TPS instead of a Ford.

Accufab has several optional accessories to help adapt an Accufab 5.0L Ford style throttle body to be used with GM electronics instead of Ford electronics. For example, we offer a TPS adapter to use your GM TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) or an IAC (Idle Air Control) adapter to use your GM IAC. If you need to relocate the IAC or block it off all together, we have developed parts to help accomplish these goals.


  •  5.0 lbs.
  •  W8.0000” x H8.0000” x L5.0000”
  •  Free Basic Shipping
  •  FREE Fast Priority Mail shipping to the USA and it’s territories on ALL Accufab Throttle Bodies

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