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Our company’s new direction was not just to release a lambo door kit that we could sell and install to the world.

We wanted to design a product that you, the retailer, can stand behind and proudly sell to your customers while not being lied to about how long it will take to receive the kits you order from the manufacturer.

While on the consumer side, people know the flaws associated with other brands, the wholesale side is a whole new ballgame!

Trust us when we say we know EXACTLY what you deal with when buying and selling the competitor’s product. As mentioned before, that’s all we have done for many years!

Our goal was not solely intended to be an on-the-shelf option but was to establish ourselves as the go-to for on-time, no hassle, no delay B2B relationships. With us, you won’t be waiting weeks upon weeks to receive your orders like you will from the California-based company that generally waits for their kits to arrive from China.

We have a structured and logistical system to ensure that you, the retailer, aren’t competing with us. We don’t sell our products secretly on various auction platforms trying to steal sales from you! Can others say that? Need help to see them doing it in action? Let us know.

If you want to sell our products to your consumers, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We offer better pricing, actual terms, bulk tiers, and a full-time drop shipping platform to reduce your overhead!

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