The Eikon Warranty

Why take chances? The automotive market is a different breed. Over decades of this industry, we have heard and seen it all. Shops claim to know what they’re doing, only to have your car for 3-plus days to have issues still.

Accountability is like an endangered species nowadays, so at the first sign of a problem, shops tend to blame the part or product.

This is why we have an unyielding stance on allowing DIY installs of our lambo door kits. We know the complexities involved; we’ve been doing it exclusively for about 20+ years.

If you buy your kit from an authorized retailer and choose a “self-installation,” then Eikon Motorsports™ and or its authorized retailers are not responsible for any damage done to the car and or kit at any time. We do not recommend a self-installation as we disagree with other manufacturers on the simplicity and ease of performing a successful installation.

However, all hardware, the kit, and the shocks are warranted for life!

If your kit was installed by an official EIE (Eikon Installation Expert), your installation will also be warranted for life!

All warranties are transferable to new vehicle owners.

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