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Having started our journey in the lambo door industry as a company that perfected the installation process, we sold and installed who is now a “competitors” product for decades. We were boots on the ground, doing installations around the globe, sometimes two or more each day, from the comfort of the customer’s garage or driveway; we were the first to hear the responses from the people who had just spent thousands of dollars to have lambo doors installed on their car. So it’s no secret that we were well aware of the difficulty most had with lifting and lowering the door. 

Without getting into a bunch of engineering jargon, many flaws in their kit design were the cause of said struggles. 

But when there is only one airline to fly on, what will you do when your planes have problems? Stop flying?

This is why it was our second most important milestone to reach the goal of a very minimal effort lambo door kit. After all, for almost 25 years, Vertical Doors Inc. has had ZERO competitors. Why would we not want to release something better/easier to operate than what we knew was probably the biggest complaint about their product?

As seen above, we did just that!

It took some pretty bold and creative designing to allow the doors to operate in as close to zero gravity, given the space limitations to use a push-pull shock system. Geometry was our best friend and worst enemy when tackling this dilemma.

We managed to do all this while requiring less than half the PSI in the shock that Vertical Doors Inc. uses on their kit. The shocks we had designed for our V1 System are also six times the cost!

Being cheap isn’t always the best option!

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