Up, Up, And Away!

As seen below, we had the unique opportunity during the first 10 “test market” installations of our “beta” version of the V1 Series to truly compare the two leading brand kits today. Now, why do we say “beta,” you may ask?

We needed to get our kit out there and install it on a few vehicles to complete the accurate world testing of our design. We needed more than the two kits that were installed for the better part of a year and a half to determine and conclude our hunt for improvement areas and other potential anomalies. After all, we had over 1.3 million invested into the design, prototyping, insurance, and DOT compliance required in the almost 3-year journey our V1 Series took to come to life. We did not want to cut corners or miss any early, less saturated market problems that could arise from a to soon product launch.

Look at GM, for example! So many horrible problems have plagued the C8 alone during the first few years. While no company wants recalls or huge delays, We don’t have the billions that GM has to sink into fixing errors.

One of the best parts is that the above video isn’t our “alpha” version. Our final version lifts the doors about 3.3 inches higher than this video shows. Our shock adapters that were still being machined are the cause for the increased vertical range.

As seen here, you can see a total difference in the final shock adapters in our current V1 Series kit versus the adapters that were just made as a placeholder.

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