Our V1 Series in the only vertical door kit on the market that includes a lifetime warranty on the kit as well as lifetime replacement on shocks


  • Billet T6-6061
  • Sealed bearings
  • Custom colors
  • Hidden hardware
  • Easiest kit on the market to operate
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime shock replacement

Warranty: Lifetime

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For 20+ years this industry has been stagnant, dominated by one company who’s only contribution in that 20 plus years has been providing the same ancient design, modified to fit a newer vehicle. In-fact, there impressive catalog offers kits for over 280 different makes and models! And to top even that, they have managed to do so while only having two different shocks, and a small amount of interchangeable components. However, what may be great for bottom lines has came at the cost of innovation and improvement.
  • We created a complete “bespoke.” vertical door kit exclusively designed for the C8 Corvette. Our design not only raises the doors higher it does so while also maintaining a much “tighter to the body” look while also giving the customer an easier operating experience.

  • Our vertical door kit is the only product that utilizes genuine bearings. This gives our lambo door kit a unique and untouched accolade of being the only kit on the market that doesn’t require frequent lubrication. Our permanently sealed and lubricated main bearings provide an unrivaled operating experience, ensuring you never have to deal with squeaks, rust, seized pivot points, or a challenging lifting and lowering experience.

    • Elegance is a noun that could never be used by the kits that have been on the market for decades. We wanted to design a vertical door kit that looks like it belongs there. With our matte black finish, etched hardware covers, and custom paint-matched kit editions, we are proud of where we are beginning. We were the first and only company installing lambo doors worldwide for 20 years until we ended things with our previous supplier. Once we decided to manufacture our kits, in an effort to shut us down to prevent the inevitable, you can now see how the largest aftermarket vertical door manufacturing company in the world has made efforts to do what we started. You can see the pathetic levels they have gone to to slander our reputation with lies and deceit.


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C8 Corvette Lambo Doors

Warranty: Lifetime