C8 Corvette Lambo Doors


  • Highest door lifting kit on the market
  • 100% T6-6061 aluminum material
  • Easiest kit on the market to raise and lower
  • Adjustment-free design! (No more constant adjustments like the “other guys” kit)
  • Doors actually raise vertically, (unlike the “other guys” kit) that angle outwards
  • Real sealed bearings that never need to be lubricated or greased. 
  • Will never rust (like the “other guys” kits)
  • The smoothest operating kit on the market
  • No ugly visible hardware when installed.
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The C8 is GM’s most attractive masterpiece ever. What they have constructed outperforms sports cars 5 times its price not only in performance but in styling and appearance.

Adding vertical doors or lambo doors as most call them, not only increases the ease of entry and exit from the vehicle but also makes parking in tight spaces possible, it also gives the C8 a look that is demanding of its design. When we designed our V1 Series we set out to achieve a few things as priority #1.

Appearance: The C8 is gorgeous and anything you add to it should maintain the same level of class and elegance.

Functionality: The C8 is GM’s pinnacle of top-level performance, and any modification you add should share that same level of dedication and focus and achieve top-level performance and functionality.

Ease Of Use: At the end of the day, it’s a car. Using it should be as simple as getting in, starting it, and driving. Why would you want to add anything to that vehicle that needs constant attention and adjusting to function properly?

So what did we do? We designed a kit that removes all unsightly fastening hardware from being visible. Used real bearings to provide beyond smooth operation and remove the necessity to have to grease. We then went further to ensure our material is not only stronger than steel but also will never rust, leading to and causing the vast majority of all squeaks and rough noises.

We also spent over 2 years focusing on building this kit for the C8 to ensure a maximum range of motion. The V1 series provides over 25 addition degrees of vertical range, as well as massively improving the resting position of the doors when vertical. When you look at a C8 with a V1 Series kit on it and compare it to the “other guys” kit, you will notice one massive difference. Our kit makes the doors go straight up! They don’t stick out to the side like the other kits. In fact, they don’t even stick out like an actual Lamborghini Aventador!

The other focus was ease of use. We have been selling and installing the “other guys” product for years! We have been boots on the ground, thousands of doors lifted over the years, and we listened. Anyone who has them on their car will be the first to tell you how hard it is to raise and lower the doors.

Let’s be honest here. Most of at least our customers are over the age of 50 and as we get older our joints and muscles don’t like to work like they used to. It’s a painstaking reality of getting older. We wanted to make a product that reflects this. What we have is a kit that is so easy to raise and lower, an 11-year-old girl can do it (as seen on our YouTube channel).

Aside from just ease of use, we wanted to make sure that you didn’t have to worry about the door having to be constantly adjusted. So yeah, we did that too!

The bottom line is, if you want a truly revolutionized product then the V1 Series by Eikon Motorsports™ is for you!


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