Our Kit “Editions”

As we focused on making our product unique in this market, functionality improvements over the competitors’ products were not our only goal. We also wanted to give customers more control and options regarding the aesthetics of the kit. After all, the kit is pretty visible when your doors are up in the air.

So, we officially released the ability to customize the looks! For now, we are only offering custom shock housing colors. If you don’t see the color edition you want at checkout, please call us to add it. If you also wish to have a non-GM paint code, please contact us and let us know, and we will make that paint color for you.

All of this is at no extra cost!

We are already taking our shocks the moment they arrive from the manufacturer and refinishing the shock housings to not only clean up the finish from the contact during shipping but also to match them with our kit which is matte black.

So as you can see ⬆, the shocks arrive with some minor imperfections. While this finish may be ok to send out with others products ⬇, Its not ok enough for us!

Our standards or much higher! Our shocks must have the exact same finish as well as the apperiance of even being new!

And what you see ⬆ is some of our finished edition shocks ready to be shipped out!

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