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If you don’t have 500k+💵 to shell out for an Aventador like the other ordinary folks, having doors that raise is not a standard feature of your car.

This is why adding them aftermarket is a massive choice that could seriously end in disaster for your pride and joy! 

Not every kit is the same, and not every installation is the same. Significant modifications have to be made, and if they genuinely don’t know what to do, they always end up cutting something wrong and even cutting things that never needed to be touched in the first place.🤬


If you have called around looking for your Lambo doors to be installed or looking at your local shops to buy and install them, you may have come across the typical response.

“YES, WE CAN DO THEM,” “WEVE DONE TONS,” and my personal favorite, ” YES! WE JUST DID ONE THE OTHER DAY”.

These are just some of the things we’ve heard. Now, when you ask them how long it will take if they say they need your car for more than one day, RUN AWAY!

This is the #1 🚩 that they don’t know what they are doing, but they will figure it out on your car. That is a significant risk, and we’ve seen some horrific attempts.

our manufacturing journey

We set out with a few missions. We wanted to deliver something that was better looking, had better functionality, and was designed for your vehicle, not just some previous version slightly modified to fit your car. We designed our product from the ground up to ensure maximums in every functionality. Doors go higher and stay closer tucked to the vehicle, a proper “vertical” door, some say, no more constant adjustments or having to buy new shocks every few years. It’s a true modern marvel of vertical door engineering if you will.

Lifetime Warranty

Yes, we are the only company that gives you a lifetime warranty on the kit installation and free shock replacement for life! We believe in using the highest quality standards of components thus allowing us the confidence to back our product life!

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Let's compare features of the V1 Series vs other kits on the market.


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