It’s been going on for the better part of the last year and a half, and I know most of you think it’s either all one big hoax or simply doubt it’s real. It doesn’t help that our newfound rivals over at Vertical Doors Inc keep providing the rumor mill with more and more inaccurate information. Truth is, our lambo door kit has been designed to eliminate all the cons that come along with the “other guys” kit. We wanted to truly give you something better. That unfortunately has taken more time than we possibly could have imagined. And for that, we are truly sorry. But the end is very near!

Well, we hope the video below will end your doubts and put all your patience and some not-so-patiently waiting customers’ minds at ease with actual visual proof of our progress not just on a prototype kit but actually cutting and machining hundreds of parts for our massive inventory that will always be kept.

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