Vertical Doors Inc has been a staple in the aftermarket vertical doors industry for over 20 years. With over 300 different vehicles they make kits for, there is no doubt they have some serious time invested into the market and have shown a significant effort in providing their customers with choices and options.

25 years of no innovation

While they may offer tons of kits, what they have lacked was innovation and making modifications to their products that customers actually want. While they may have been in the manufacturing game for 25 years, Eikon Motorsports™ has been in the installation game for almost just as long, with the first almost 20 years exclusively selling and installing their brand of kits. If there is anyone with first-hand knowledge of what their customers want it’s by far us! The number one complaint we’ve always heard was that lifting and lowering the door is a pain. “It’s too heavy,” they say. This is no secrete and this is nothing that Vertical Doors Inc hasn’t heard 100’s of times over the past two decades.

They created the need for our v1 series

When Vertical Doors Inc decided to cause so many problems for us due to inventory, stealing our orders, mistakes in shipping, stealing our customers, and outright creating lies and rumors about us, we had to call it quits. We could no longer rely on them to be our supplier for kits. This created a huge problem for us. After all, we were an installation company that built a business around their product and there isn’t anyone else in the marketplace that we could turn to for products. We had to do what we could to stay in business. We were left with no other choice than to design and manufacture our own kits.

bringing innovation and focus

We had over 20 years of experience installing these things on thousands of vehicles over the years so we knew we had the required knowledge and know-how to come up with something. We also had an aeronautical engineer on staff that had the skill set required to design something specific for the vehicle that we choose to create a kit for. Thankfully that engineer was also our lead installer and CEO, Tim Court. With the popularity of the new C8, we decided to focus our efforts on this vehicle first. We set off on a two-year project that became the V1 Series.

Design with a purpose

Embarking on our two-year journey, we had years of customer complaints, requests, and desires that Vertical Doors Inc just outright ignored, that we took VERY seriously. We focused on not only functionality but also appearance. When up, our doors stay tucked into the body of the vehicle. We have increased the vertical range by more than 11 inches too. Our kit Is easier to raise and lower than a sliding door. When it comes to appearance, we have taken our expertise in hiding the wires to a whole new level. We also designed out the hideous bolts/hardware that is visible when the doors are up in the air. We have created a recessed bracket that comes with a custom engraved cap that is attached to cover all hardware of our kit.

Seriously easy to operate!

check out how easy it is to operate!

Below you will see how we really focused on the visual appearance and clean OEM look when installed.

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