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Shock Problem (Update)

tim court
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So, some of you may have been told that your installation that was coming up soon has been once again delayed. This was due to a shock pressure problem. We went to install the 2nd v1 kit over last weekend and when it came time to install the shock on the kit, we discovered that there was far to much pressure in the shock. 

We spent 3 whole days on the shock pressure situation to ensure the correct PSI for desired functionality. We used 4 individual shocks for this before buying hundreds on the wrong pressured ones. Needless to say, once we dialed in the perfect pressure, we bought over 600 shocks, that were supposed to come to us at the requested PSI. 

Well after waiting 3 weeks to get the shocks, we went to install and that's when we discovered something was way off! We overnighted all the shocks back to the manufacturer, and 2 days later, they confirmed that the shocks they sent us were almost 200 PSI over what we requested. They have corrected all of them and this coming Monday we will receive them all back! 

Super annoying problem but at least it was a pretty fast turn around of a solution.

-Tim Court | C.E.O

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Topic starter Posted : July 2, 2023 2:23 am