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V1 Series C8 Lambo Door Kit

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Today I received a phone call from Mike at the machine shop doing our cutting and machining as seen in the previous update video. Asking me to come by and deliver him own of our bearings that go into the main bearing housing tabs, ( the two tabs that secure the door side to the frame side) of the kit. They will be making necessary adjustments to the mill to ensure ease of fitment while also securing the ease of inserting the bearing into the tabs. 

It was confirmed that we will in fact have parts in hand and being assembled by the end of the weekend. 

I can't believe assembly is finally starting next week. It's been a super long and frustrating journey but I again promise you, it's worth the wait. I filmed going there but the owner of Metzfab is the one doing the machining and was a little camera shy in a combination with the initial setup to get the tolerances and placement correct. I can understand that aspect for sure. 

I will continue filming as that video update concludes later in the week!


Posted : April 5, 2023 8:06 am
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