An All-New Look!

We have been working very hard on perfecting the process of establishing an accessible yet thorough way to add even more to our V1 Series. With the recent growth and new companies reaching out to us to become wholesalers, we wanted to ensure a way to streamline the bespoke aspects that only Eikon does and give our retailers an even bigger reason to work with us.

Enter the all-new top cap that covers the top mount hardware.

Many of you have already called us out on the missing cap from the launch, and they have been absent in the first 100 kits installed because we originally made them from T6-6061 aluminum.

During the first ten market test installations, we discovered a few areas that we redesigned and updated, and due to said modifications, the metal covers are not an option to modify easily, so they have been collecting dust until we found a purpose to make the more expensive top laser caps for each kit.

We are finalizing our contracts with a company located in Canada that has had a massive interest in becoming a distributor of the V1 Series ever since photos were first released a couple of years back. They have been patiently waiting, and now we have decided to offer manufacturing rights due to increased fees associated with Canadian-based customers buying products from the USA and the related taxes/duties of importing them.


Moving forward, all V1 Series kits will be accompanied by a top cap that has the specific manufacturing location, distribution company, and individual retailer name on the cap. This is for clerical reasons and primarily promotion and advertising for our re-sellers. More information about that in a future post.

We have also decided to choose a more bespoke option for our shock labeling. Each kit’s serial number will now be etched into the shock as well as the manufacturing date of the kit itself. This is primarily to add a more custom feel and a detailed record of each kit and shock being paired logged in our system.


No one gets it perfect the first time. I would argue that perfection is impossible due to its subjective nature. We assure you that it will never deter us from making contact changes that our customers bring to our attention. We are a manufacturer of a product that was asked for by so many of you for many years of being ignored by other product manufacturers.

That is not our style, nor will we ever get comfortable with the market! We will continuously evolve and innovate!