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Who are the driving forces behind our company?

We strive to provide a superior product to our customers without the issues commonly associated with the “other guys”. Our kits come with multiple nicknames such as Lambo doors, vertical doors, and butterfly doors, and our aim is to make the process of buying and installing them as seamless as possible.

Arizona Location

Surprise | 13342 W Foxfire Dr, Surprise Az, 85378

Florida Location

Miami | Opening Soon

Pennsylvania location

Philadelphia | Opening soon

Meet our Awesome team

Tim Court


Tony Ramos


Our Story

How did we
get here?

Our CEO founded our company 18 years ago, as the need for reliable installation was growing. He had already been manufacturing fiberglass body kits for some import cars, and by the time he was 19, he opened the first physical store. People in the local area had very few options to find experienced lambo door installers they could trust.

When 2005 rolled around, Tim made the big leap and joined YouTube when it first launched. Before long, he was gaining recognition from audiences all around the world, and soon businesses were reaching out to him, eager to get his services. After a number of offers, Tim determined that it was the right time to turn his newfound fame into a business venture.

In a near-overnight move, Tim left the fiberglass industry to lay the groundwork for Eikon Motorsports. This company, which would thrive for two decades, initially operated under the name Elite Concepts and was based in Davenport, Iowa. However, Tim eventually decided to shift his enterprise to Phoenix, Arizona in 2012 and also renamed it Eikon Motorsports.

By 2023, Tim had already helped outfit more than 2,000 vehicles with his signature vertical door installations, cementing himself as a go-to specialist in the industry.

No matter the model of vehicle, allowing intimidation to take over can lead to defeat. Believe in your skills and trust in yourself; with a calm and collected head, any installation will be a success.
Tim Court
Founder, CEO
Doing a C8 blindfolded at the largest corvette car show in the world -Corvettes Of Carlisle 2021

The sad rumors

We have unfortunately heard it all. From Vertical Doors cancelled us, to Tim has died.

Here is the truth

Vertical doors cancelled our account over a Facebook post years ago. Two weeks later they called begging for us to come back due to how much money they made from us. We demanded that “bi-polar” Nick was no longer our sales guy and requested Danny. We had already told Louie “owner” that we were going to manufacture our own kits. His response? “oh man, I don’t like hearing that” Ya louie, we didn’t like “immature/childish” Audom canceling our account over a Facebook post either.

We tried to work together as best as possible and it was better at first but quickly turned south. They started delaying our customers orders, stealing our customers, stealing our orders and more! They also decided to increase our prices. This was all after Tim, our CEO was meeting with them to purchase their company.

To the best of our knowledge, they started looking at us as competition instead of what we were at the time. We were not much more that an installation company. We did so much for them. So many free installs for them and their business customers and never got anything in return.

We pulled the plug on them. We told them we were no longer ordering from them and to finish and ship all current pending orders with them. We could no longer let there style of running a business effect our growth and reputation. Our mistake during this whole process was we kept our mouth shut. We didnt defend the rumors. We didn’t want to give them any merit because we knew the truth and have the truth via email, text, and recorded phone calls. Unlike them, we weren’t wanting to participate in a smear campaign. We didn’t want to stoop to a level of childishness that they apparently went to.

Our focus was on designing a truly unique and “better” product. Something that after its release has been more than confirmed to have done just that!


What they say
about us

After a delay that took longer than we anticipated, our foray into the manufacturing industry is finally here, with an upgraded design worth the wait!

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