The jury has decided!

The V1 is the easiest, smoothest, and most attractive looking vertical door kit on the market. Raise and lower your doors with ease. No visible/ugly bolts, unsightly wires.

A true “vertical” door system

We didn’t comprise on vertical range, smoothness, effortless raising and lowering, hiding all hardware and wires when designing our V1 Series and neither should you!

When choosing the kit you want for your C8 ask yourself if you would rather have a product specifically designed for the C8 or, a slightly modified C7 kit from Vertical Doors Inc.

When you choose the V1 Series, you are getting a truly revolutionized kit that was designed from the ground up solely for the C8. Increased vertical range, truly effortless raising and lowering from the seated position, and a kit that wont need constant adjusting! Also lifetime warranty and free shock replacement for life!

The v1 series is here!

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We all know how unprofessional and mismanaged the “other guys” wholesale, if you can even call it that, program is. You order a kit, they say it’s going to be shipped in 6 to 8 weeks and 12 weeks later your customers calling you asking where their kit is! Yep! Been there done that, and we completely redesigned a better product because of it. Oh, and with us, we don’t compete with you! We will NEVER sell our products less that advertised and NEVER on eBay or other online platforms. The time of them being the only game in town is over!

With Eikion Motorsports™

Our kits are always in stock and ready to ship!

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Millions of possible colors. App Controlled. Over 80 possible patterns. Dimmable & more


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